Shaping public perception through creative ideas, activations, images and words has been my professional passion for over 20 years.

As a storyteller, marketing force, and creative problem solver, I excel at taking a product, assessing it’s attributes and giving it a personality and a voice that engages consumers and drives awareness, demand and sales. I am equal parts left and right brain, seamlessly translating data into compelling, authentic brand stories that differentiate products in a crowded marketplace. With more than two decades of profit-driving leadership experience from Fortune 500 companies all the way to nimble startups, I’ve established a reputation for understanding beauty, fashion, luxury lifestyle & entertainment brands and contributing to their growth and profitability. I believe that the combination of talent, practical experience, connectivity and WILL are all key, and I take pride in teaming with other committed individuals to cultivate exceptional cultures of collaboration, performance and financial success.


  • LatinaStyle Magazine/Entrepreneur of the Year 2005
  • Network Miami Magazine/One of 25 Most Prominent & Successful Black Business Women 2006
  • Miami SUNPOSt/Best Publicist 2007

Summary of Qualifications

  • Solicit and manage Influencers, content creation, activation strategy and planning, co-branding ops and partnership mgmt, marketing/social media platform mgmt & strategy development.

Representative Experience

  • Covering NY & Miami fashion weeks for years for various publications and online entities, well-traveled, and passionate about conveying moods and POV’s visually and literally.


At MAVEN, we want to be considered your essential partner in creating and implementing an intellectual property strategy that optimizes your intellectual property’s value, efficiency, and protection.